Thursday, April 8, 2010

Great Literacy Night!

Many thanks to my friends at the Montessori Children's Garden for inviting me back for Literacy Night. It was wonderful! Great to see so many of you again and fun to meet new friends too. Keep reading and writing! You guys blew me away with how smart you all are. I spoke with lots of budding authors and illustrators. Keep up the great work!


  1. From Students in the Magenta Room at Montessori Children's Garden

    Dear Miss Cathy...Your poems are great! (From Audrey - 2nd grade)

    Dear Miss Cathy...I love your poetry. They are great! (From Adam - 3rd grade)

    Dear Miss Cathy...Your pictures are great! (From Kayleigh - 1st grade)

    Dear Miss Cathy...Your poetry is awesome! :)
    (From Jordan - 2nd grade)

    Dear Miss Cathy...I like how you draw your pictures. They are great! :)
    (From Alexandra - 1st grade)

    I like your poetry!
    (From Jack - 3rd grade)

    I like how you visited our school and I like your poetry.
    (From Alyssa - 2nd grade)

  2. Awww...You guys made me smile! Thanks so much. I had lots of fun. What an amazing group you are and what a wonderful school. Thanks again for having me and for making me feel so welcome.

  3. You have lots of lovely fans, Cathy. Congratulations!