Thursday, May 5, 2011

Almost there!

I can't believe that it's Day 5 already of the NaPiBoWriWee Challenge and I have five bright and shiny new manuscripts already.  (Well, some aren't shiny yet... but they will be.)  Two more to go! 

This morning inspiration hit on a silly idea of mine while I was on the front porch in my pj's saying good bye to one of my kiddos.  My son was laughing at me as he ran to the bus.  I rushed inside and got it all down on paper.  And my youngest may have almost been late to school, but hey...I really like this new one.

Many thanks to Paula Yoo for organizing this, because if it wasn't for her challenge, I definitely would not have written 7 new manuscripts this week.  May is always so crazy busy that I usually give myself a little slack.  But I guess this proves that even at the busiest times, I can create new work and still get all of the other stuff done!  It will be so nice to have the summer to critique all of these new pieces.

Keep going everyone that's participating!  We can do it.  And thank you Paula!  You are wonderful!

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