Thursday, November 17, 2011

PiBoIdMo Update!

We're past the half way mark and I'm right on target!  So far 16 solid picture book ideas down.  (Still need to write today's idea down.)  I've had lots of ideas beyond that but am only counting the ones that I feel are the most solid.  I've also tried to make sure to jot down the skeleton of the story as well.  And a few of them have morphed into rough drafts...but not too many.

Although I am keeping up with the writing part, I am not able to keep up with all of the posts and blogs each day.  They are all so fantastic that I try to at least catch up on them every few days or at least once a week.  All of the participants and the guest bloggers are very inspiring. 

Yesterday a big highlight came from Tammi Sauer who shared some big news in our PiBoIdMo Facebook Group.  Tammi's recent sale of "Nugget and Fang" to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's was an idea that she came up with during PiBoIdMo 2009.  Hooray for Tammi!

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