Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 11 - All out of new ideas? I don't think so...

Brought one of my new manuscripts to critique group today - something very different for me - and they liked it!  Ahhh...  Always a great way to start the day.  This got me on a tangent for revisions then.  So when I got back home I revised a different story for quite awhile.  Feeling pretty good, I asked my husband "Do you think revising a story that I started just before the marathon would count for today?" 

His response....
"Yeah.  You've been working really hard.  It's okay if you're all out of new ideas.  I wouldn't worry about it." 

Hmmm.... took me all of two seconds to jump up and run to the other room to get cracking.  Just what I needed to hear and he knew it.  Day 11 - done.  And it was a NEW idea thank you very much. 

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