Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4 - Marathon

Everyone got back to school, but after two days of all of us being home, there was so much to catch up on today.  This could have been one of those days where it was easy to justify not writing.  But thanks to the PBM I was not going to let that happen.  New story, down on paper, and I actually really like it.  Even if it is super rough.  Day four - check.  I'm definitely ready for bed now.  I'm also really glad to be participating in this month-long event.  It's so easy for writers to put off writing when the rest of your life gets too busy - for a day, or week, or month.  This challenge proves to me that no matter how crazy your day is, you can always make time to write.  And will feel better for doing it.  Sweet dreams. 

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